Video Production in Phoenix, Arizona

Videos for Service Professionals

We create powerful videos for Service Professionals in Phoenix, AZ. Get custom video assets designed to build trust, increase awareness, and convert more clients/customers.

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We showcase you at your best using strategic video assests.🚀

For business owners who provide knowledge based services, video is a necessity. Video content is the currency of cachet when it comes to online marketing. You can’t just SAY you’re an expert in your field your clients need you to SHOW it! Strategic video marketing allows you to do just that.

That’s our mission at Concrete Focus Productions™; to create great visuals along with strong stories to attract your ideal client, build trust quickly, make a lasting 1st impression, and clarify your process to them.

🧲Attract ideal clients.

Showcase your business to get your ideal clients excited to talk with you before even getting on the phone.

🤝Build trust quickly.

We create videos to show- not just tell- what it’s like working with you, and why you can be trusted to get the job done.

😀 Lasting 1st impression.

People always remember their firsts. Having a strong video asset at the helm gives you a round the clock 1st impression that’s working for you even when you’re not.

💡Clarify your process.

When people understand how you work, it’s much easier for them to imagine what it’s like being your client.

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We Build Relationships!

We’re ready to work with you and produce visually stunning, and effective video marketing. It’s not uncommon for clients to turn into friends with us! let’s build a relationship that will continue to Skyrocket. 


What our clients say

We are forever grateful to all the innovative and visionary clients we’ve worked with thus far. Here’s what a few of them had to say about working with us. 

Be sure to click the photo to view the work we’ve done for them!😎 



Before even touching a camera, we strategize with you on the best ways to implement your video asset into your systems and processes. A video is only as useful as the strategy behind it, so we make sure you’re ready to effectively use your video immediately and for the long haul.

Because every story is unique, we partner up with you and develop a strategy to tell your story the best way 

and expedite it through the channels that work best for your brand.

With the right strategy, 

effective and efficient video marketing can support your business to achieve faster levels of growth

or deliver higher-quality, more engaged customers. 

Providing a competitive advantage that directly impacts your business performance


Ivan and crew are one of a kind. Very professional and their personalities make you very comfortable. I was nervous to be on camera but they made me feel at ease and made the process so much easier for me. We talked about the vision for the project and they exceeded expectations. I highly recommend their services to anyone!

Jon Chavez, Founder of MVP Basketball Foundation

We're not your prototypical
video production company.

Right from the jump, we focus on creating only 

the types of strategic video assets we know work best to 

communicate your brand message. 

This allows us to specialize, streamline and execute your video campaigns 

without the overhead of a large-scale agency.